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About Us

Sauerpark Beach is not just a restaurant, we're a passionate team dedicated to bringing the beach lifestyle into your day to day life. Nestled along the picturesque shore of the Sauer River, Sauerpark Beach was born out of our love for the sun, sand, sea, and beautiful beach vacations.

Our mission is simple: to offer you a slice of coastal paradise along with a place to relax and enjoy a ’time-out’ from everyday life.

Now you can enjoy our boho beach style right in the heart of your home! Over the past few years we've curated a collection of high quality beach themed furniture, from stylish coastal sofas to eco friendly beachwood tables, beautiful lighting, accessories and tableware.

We believe that every room can exude the relaxed elegance of the beach. Our products are designed to help you achieve that ambiance with style, comfort and sustainability in mind. Join us on a journey to transform your living or work spaces into coastal retreats.

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